Shoe laces

shoes laced with yellow lock lacesThese elastic shoe laces are cool, amazing and just magic! Made from the stuff they make bungee jumping rope out of – apparently! They were made for sports people who want to get their trainers on fast. With these I can get my shoes on without a struggle. Once you thread them into your shoes you can loosen them easily to get my feet in, then one tug on the lace lock and they are good as tied. They need very little dexterity to use. You may need to cut them if they are too long but that’s no big deal and they do come in different sizes.

It may seem expensive but they outlast my shoes/boots to another pair. Great for anyone in a hurry or the plain lazy too!

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Shoe laces — 1 Comment

  1. Great stuff. My favourites are Greeper Laces. You can add them to any shoes with laces and as they are not elasticated you are meant to get better support. Lots of athletes like them as well as disabed people so they are a really inclusive product. More info here