Mouse control – eek!


My right hand shakes a little which can be a bit annoying when trying to use a mouse and precision is the key to success. Here are a few ways I have found to control it better.

1. I reduce the sensitivity of the mouse to ‘very low’, this can be done in the control panel. Fuller instructions for Windows can be found here¬†and for the Mac. here. I do need a bigger area for the mouse – a mouse pad is too small but a gaming pad will do the trick.

2. When doing graphics work, if I need to make a really small alteration like smooth a rough edge. I zoom in on the are that needs work so the pixels appear large on the screen. This makes it a little easier.

3. My steadiest part of my hand is the far right two fingers of my hand and the palm below it so I hold the mouse in a different way to most folk – clicking with my little finger.

4. I find a rounded mouse that my hand can wrap around much easier than a flat one.

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