Reviewing the iPad Mini

iPad mini

Just before Christmas I had a lovely surprise, I won an iPad Mini by entering a competition run by the Really Useful Stuff Website.

I already own an iPad 1 and would not give that up – the bigger screen is great for casually browsing the web at home, writing the odd email, playing games, doing a grocery shop etc. while I’m watching the TV.

The new iPad Mini comes into it’s own when it comes to portability. It is extremely slim and light, so can easily fit into a hand bag. Carrying it with one hand is now problem. I can take it out and use it for catching up on a bit of work or emails in coffee shops

Good to have it to hand quickly if for communication backup when out and about in public. The keyboard is not too small (unlike the iPhone which is portable but fiddly). It’s not too big either! … Just right! I would rate it pretty high on accessibility.

It has the chip of the iPad 2 and the Screen resolution – it is pretty fast and good for holding as a book. However it might be worth holding before buying one as you know what Apple’s like – soon they’ll bring out an iPad mini with retina display and this one will come down in price! As a freebie though – I’m chuffed to bits with it!

Check out the Really Useful Stuff Website – they have some great ideas!

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