Safely out of the Saucepan onto the plate

When I’m boiling stuff such as vegetables, pasta, eggs etc. I feel very unsafe lifting a heavy pan of boiling water to the sink to drain. It’s different like lifting a kettle. I’m not worried about that as the water comes out in a controlled manner from a small spout, so long as I have the spout pointing away from me a wobble or two doesn’t do any harm at all.

So here are a few hacks I use:

Cooking Basket with an Easy Grip Handle

This basket sits in my saucepan, I put my pasta in the basket then add the boiling water and cook as one would do normally. When the pasta is cooked I lift out the basket and shake it to drain off excess water and then just tip it on the plate. Later, when the water left in the saucepan is cool I can safely just put it down the sink. Simple yet ingenious gadget, with an easy grip, flame retardant, moulded handle. Good too, if you have a weak wrist I would imagine. The only downside is that it is pretty small: Diameter: 165mm (6½”). Depth: 90mm (3½”).

If I’m cooking for more than one or two I use this handy scoop gadget. It is a heat-resistant spoon colander allowing me to scoop, drain and serve hot foods directly from a pan to a dish. It’s not as easy as the basket but it does the job safey! It can be bought from Amazon as part of the Joseph Joseph Cooking Gift Set.

Happy safe cooking!

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