Just cracked an egg with one hand

fried egg on toastYou know how people say – “I’m fed up looking on Twitter/Facebook to read what people had for breakfast!”. Well … please understand why I think it’s news worthy to tell the world I just had fried egg on toast for lunch today. :-)

So, okay, I guess for most people cracking an egg is no big deal and something they can do in their sleep. For me though, it’s not. It requires the fine motor skills of two hands, or if done with one hand (like many professional chefs do) you need a very steady ‘good’ hand which I haven’t got.

As I mentioned in my post about shelling hard boiled eggs – I, along with friends and family have been hunting high and low for a gadget that will break a raw egg for me.

Last week I decided to put the problem to DH’s smart and lovely Twitter followers (see @hackdisability) and people kindly came back with leads which eventually led to the discovery of the ‘Egg Cracker and Separator!’

I ordered it and when it arrived, I must admit at first glance I was rather skeptical. I showed it to a friend and I said: “It looks like something out of a Wallace and Gromit movie don’t you think?”. She laughed and agreed. Anyway I gave it a go today and to my surprise it works! It is so simple, you just place the egg securely in the cradle and squeeze over your frying pan or bowl. Out comes the yolk (whole) with the white.

It does come with an “egg separator” which you can fix on the end – this works but is going to take some practice for me. Unfortunately the egg separator is really too shallow so the yolk can escape from the top if there’s a bit of a wobble – otherwise it seems to be a fantastic gadget! So if you know anyone who might struggle cracking eggs please tell them about this gadget. It really does work. I found a review of the American version on Youtube which looks exactly the same as the one I have.

Now to make some cakes!

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