Single-Handed Soap Dispenser from Joseph Joseph

With its unique C-shaped pump this soap dispenser was designed to be operated with one hand with hygiene purposes in mind but when you can only use one hand anyway it fills a gap in a whole new market.

I have been using it for two weeks now and I really can’t fault it. A light touch dispenses enough liquid soap to wash hands and if you want more you simply press it again. This is much better than the battery operated motion sensing dispensers I have tried in the past which give out way too much soap causing unnecessary wastage and dispense.

It has a large round non-slip base so it does not topple over or move at all. Its wide soap nozzle was designed to prevent clogging.

As with most Joseph Joseph products it is designed with style in mind.

I found it surprisingly easy to fill, (up to 300 ml.)  The top comes off with a light quarter turn and there is quite a wide fill hole so it would be difficult to ‘miss’.

I think it may be improved by having a larger C shape pump being larger so that you there would bee room to put a sponge under it. It would also be good to have it available in more colours.

Priced at 18 pounds, for a soap dispenser it is quite expensive, but you are paying for style as well as functionality. If you can get hold of liquid soap in large bottles, well I think you could eventually get your money back on it. It feels very solid too, so I’m expecting it to last on long time.

Good job Joseph Joseph and thank you for sending me the product to test and review for this purpose. I can now confidently recommend it to my followers who need products they can use with one hand, and/or are sturdy and robust.

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Single-Handed Soap Dispenser from Joseph Joseph — 1 Comment

  1. you should send them your review, very comprehensive , they might even send you a new colour to match your bathroom. :)