Owning a cat

Everybody wanting to take on a pet has many things to think about. When I adopted Cookie the cat last year I found my disability added a few extra things to the list of becoming a pet owner but nothing that could not be overcome.

I resisted the urge to buy a cut kittens for two main reasons. Firstly because they can be hard work also there are no guarantees what kind of a personality a kitten will develop.

I turned to the Cat’s Protection website where they list profiles of local cats that need to be re-homed. When I went to meet 5 year old Cookie in his shelter it was clear we were a match. he wasted no time greeting me. He ran up and nuzzled into my leg straight away. He wasn’t un-nerved by my wobbles or the way I spoke.  He’d won me over!

I knew wet cat food in pouches or in tins would prove tiresome for me and so was very relieved to know Cookie ate dry food, which is just like pouring cereal into a bowl. There is little mess or fiddle.

My involuntary movements meant that picking up Cookie’s bowl of water from the floor to change it was something I struggled with. Cookie didn’t seem interested in drinking from the bowl anyway and would instead jump into the sink to drink from the tap. Clearly he preferred running water. So the bowl wasn’t working for either of us!

I wasn’t too keen on the ‘cat in my sink’ idea and a shared the problem with a friend who suggested trying a ‘Cat fountain’. The fountain re-circulates the water through a filter and cooler so Cookie gets his running water and I can just top it up every other day with a jug and ask my cleaner to replace the water every week or so. This has solved the problem for us both.

cookie drinking from fountain

Cookie came trained to use a litter tray. To make things as easy as possible I use litter tray liners to put the litter in. This makes disposal easier and keeps the tray cleaner (I use an antibacterial wipe too make sure it’s completely clean).

cookie and ceri

I’ve tried many types of cat litter but the one I find easiest to manage is Wilkinson’s wood based type. The pellets are large so have less chance of being kicked out of the box and making a mess. It also comes in light, easy to open bags.

Every morning I use nappy sacks to quickly dispose of the mess in the  tray. However for someone who can’t bend down I can recommend a long handled, easy reach poop scoop called the Handiscoop,

Most products I mentioned can found in the online shop under cat care gadgets. Cookie is quite a character and makes me laugh, we’ve definitely become buddies!

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