Welcome to Disability Hacker, founded and written by Ceri Longville.

ceri mug shot Ceri worked as a Social Media Manager for a small charity for three years.

Ceri remains passionate that charities and small organisations require a good social media presence to reach out to their potential audience and fundraisers.

Ceri is a columnist for the Access magazine. She manages the Pinterest account (as well as occasionally blogging) for the Really Useful Stuff website, she tweets for her local church and is setting up an online presence for a newly qualified counsellor with their own private business.

She is looking for local social media opportunities in the Gloucestershire area.

Ceri loves solving problems and coming up with new creative ideas. Aware of how so much advice and many gadgets for independent living are given and endorsed (in a clinical manner) by able-bodied people, she decided to try and fill this ‘gap in the market’. In August 2012, by drawing on her own experiences she launched Disability Hacker which continues to grow.

Ceri has a degree in Computer Science and a Masters in Applied Theology.

Oh yea, and she also has Cerebral Palsy… just incase you were wondering!

My Disability?

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  1. I think this web-site is BRILLIANT! Not sure I qualify to read it – but I enjoy and appreciate C as a friend so much – so here I am. I don’t have what is usually described as a disability – but my parents used to say I was clever but had no common sense!! And I am neither a cook or an IT geek! But I did have a stammer as a child – used to make sure I could bang my desk lid down (well… – gently) whenever I had to answer the register with that impossible-to-a-stammerer’Y’ at the begining of a sentence. Putting the desk lid down helped me to answer ‘Yes, Miss!’ I also learned to get words out by using my hands (like punching!) as I spoke – I now don’t stammer much but still use my hands all the time when I talk!!!!

    • Thank you for your kind, encouraging words. I like it … “punching out words”. I have a few “talking tactics” posts brewing up … I’ll include this in one if I may.

      It’s fine for anyone to read this because a disability isn’t exclusively attached to a person, everyone who relates to someone who is disabled has to hack it somewhat too! As another “able bodied” friend said, it’s good to understand the other side of things so to speak.

      I also have “addressing attitudes” brewing up. All good fun … At least I’ll try and make it good fun :-)

  2. Oh C, this is a brilliant website! I love reading it, as if I am just sitting beside you and enjoying your fun company! I love your creative ideas and positive attitudes – everyone needs them! And in a way, we all have disabilities – sinful man living in a sin-polluted world, nothing is perfect. But God has offered a solution, and your website is a testimony of God’s loving kindness in your life. May God’s love touch more souls through you. Cannot wait to see you in November!

    • Thank you Connie, it’s true we all have disabilities, hurts and pain some more obvious than others. Indeed it is a broken world which one day God will fix!

      In the meantime, everybody has something to be thankful for and a personal relationship with my creator means everything to me.

      I can’t wait to see you too, it’s been too long! The spare bed is waiting for you! :-)

  3. Hi Disability Hacker, dear friend. Just a quick msg to say I love reading yuor posts. I’m so glad we can still be so close when we live so far…..You’re great, so insighful, wise and funny. With much love and anticipation xx

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